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The aim of the Co-Evolutionary Design Glossary is to develop a common understanding of the terminology we use within the design process. The glossary is meant to define the concepts as they are used in KP-Lab, of course these concepts might differ from those used in specific domain and other communities.

Entries in the Co-Evolutionary Design Glossary might refer to design artifacts, particular tools and methods as well as working routines.

If you want to add/edit the glossary, you need to subscribe first to KP-Lab wiki. Please see also the help pages for this glossary.

Current Entries

Assessment Of Activity Technology Fit
Design Principles
Draft Common Questionnaire
Driving Objective
Expert Evaluation
Extended Pilot
Generic Scenario
High Level Requirement
KP Lab System
Mock Up
Non Functional Requirement
Pedagogical And Professional Scenario
Pedagogical Usability
Research Case
Stimulated Recall
System Usage Scenario
Usability Trial
Use Case
User Requirements
User Story

Projected Entries

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