KP-Lab Project (see also; has been a large five-year (2006-2011) research and technology development project sponsored under the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Development. Over 20 organizations in 14 countries have been partners in the project.

An explicit goal of the KP-Lab project has been to develop and investigate tools, practices, and models that support collaborative knowledge creation processes and the trialogical learning. A basic starting point for the project has been to develop tools to support flexible work and learning with knowledge artefacts and related practices and processes both in educational and working contexts. KP-Lab project has included research on higher education, teacher training, and workplaces. One focus has been in higher education courses where students and teachers collaborate with outside organizations and learn “authentic” project work and knowledge practices. These more regularly take place in universities of applied sciences, but similar practices are brought more and more to universities. These kinds of knowledge creation practices are relevant for all collaborative knowledge work.

The KP-Lab project has developed various tools to support knowledge creation and trialogical learning, mostly notable Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE).

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