Knowledge Practices Environment (KPE) is a virtual environment developed within the KP-Lab project to support collaborative knowledge creation processes and trialogical learning. KPE is a web-based application providing tools, functionalities and features for sustained collaborative working with shared artefacts, processes, and practices. KPE provides virtual working spaces, called shared spaces, for the collaborative work, enables viewing the knowledge artefacts and their relations from different perspectives and supports object-oriented development of all items in a shared space. Basic tools and functionalities include, in addition to the common upload etc. functions, the following: integrated wiki, note editor, commenting, context-based chat, semantic tagging, linking of items allowing also spatial organisation, real-time and history based awareness features, and various analytic tools, among others. The tools and functionalities are highly integrated into the basic “views” (main ones being: a Process View and an Alternative Process view, a Content View and a Community View) to enable versatile and flexible connection, organization and reflection of all information related to the knowledge objects, processes and people concerned. The role of technology for enhancing trialogical practices is framed by four types of mediation which specify more pedagogically oriented design principles of trialogical learning to the general aims of the technology development.

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