Here you can find the different ontologies as stored in the KR after the changes occured during the first week of September 2009. Please update yours accordingly in case you are using them outside KR for any reason.


CL.rdf-xml-3.owl Info on CL.rdf-xml-3.owl 11340 bytes
MapIt.rdf-xml.owl Info on MapIt.rdf-xml.owl 6892 bytes
RolesAndActions.rdf-xml.owl Info on RolesAndActions.rdf-xml.owl 4533 bytes
SMATApplicationOntologyV1.0jValidated.owl Info on SMATApplicationOntologyV1.0jValidated.owl 14205 bytes
SSpApplication.rdf-xml.owl Info on SSpApplication.rdf-xml.owl 3917 bytes
TLO.rdf-xml-2.owl Info on TLO.rdf-xml-2.owl 17003 bytes
core.rdfs Info on core.rdfs 28775 bytes
csm_meta_.rdfs Info on csm_meta_.rdfs 679 bytes
dc.rdfs Info on dc.rdfs 26950 bytes
dcq.rdfs Info on dcq.rdfs 6866 bytes
foaf.rdfs Info on foaf.rdfs 16212 bytes
index.rdfs Info on index.rdfs 4765 bytes
ns.rdfs Info on ns.rdfs 1702 bytes
tagVocabularies.rdf-xml.owl Info on tagVocabularies.rdf-xml.owl 850 bytes
tds1_.rdfs Info on tds1_.rdfs 938 bytes
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