Technologies which are designed to support and enhance trialogical learning; i.e. learning around advancement of shared objects. These are groupware systems designed to facilitate trialogical pursuit of knowledge advancement sharing of the process between the participants. Such environments are often organized around a shared database that allows the participants to store knowledge whether text, pictures or video. Trialogical activities are supported in terms of engaging the students themselves to generate the main part of knowledge represented within the database. In addition, all knowledge produced is public by default (i.e., shared within a local community) so that the learning environment creates shared working space for the whole learning community.


For me one central question is, if there is anything like a separate trialogical technology, or if trialogicality is more about activities how things are done, facilitated by various kinds of technology. I think that there is technology and tools which are more prone to trialogical activities but how to define them more exactly? What kind of tools are typically "trialogical"? For me, Wikipedia (the dictionary) is one good example of trialogical activity (it is collaborative, long-term work around something concrete and clearly future-oriented) but is it more like a social phenomenon than about technology? And in what sense can it be said to be knowledge creation; or is it rather about putting information available for all? But wikipedia has also required easily usable wiki programmes to be a functional and popular system. Or, are all versioning tools trialogical because collaboratively modified versions are an integral part of trialogical learning? How important various aspects of trialogical learning are for trialogical technology; for example, should trialogical technology be about long-term work (how long?); how much collaboration should be involved, or modifications, or novelty when developing shared objects of activity? Or is there just various kinds of technologies which can be said to be "trialogical" in various degrees?
--Sami Paavola, 30-Nov-2006

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